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About Us



     Hi my name is Virginia Clark.  I am the owner / groomer at Scruffy to Fluffy.  I started my grooming shortly after graduating High School in 2001.  I previously worked as a Vet Tech at a Veterinarian Hospital.  It was there I became interested in grooming and began grooming at the Vet Hospital part time.   After 3 1/2 years, this facility became available and we opened up Scruffy to Fluffy.   We have now been open for 10+ years, and I love the reaction I get when I groom a pet and the owners are completely happy.  I like talking to the owners and knowing I am confident in what I do, and with the vet tech background I, owners seem to trust me a bit more with their pets that have health related issues.  I believe in being honest with the owners.  You will know if your pet is in bad shape and needs to be shaved, or if your pet bites and has to be muzzled.  I find that being honest helps the owners understand the reason for the grooming, the importance of regular grooming cycles, and the charges incurred.   I taught myself how to groom.  This has helped me explain the lengths of the coats and the way it will look on the pet.  With over 10+ years in the pet grooming industry, I can honestly say... I enjoy my career, and look forward to serving your pet grooming needs.



     I am Ellyn Snodgrass.  I have been working at Scruffy to Fluffy since November of 2007.  Prior to that I worked at a Vet Hospital and another grooming salon.  I graduated high school in 2006 and went right into Wizard of Paws Grooming School where I graduated with my grooming certification.  I enjoy working at Scruffy to Fluffy where I groom cats and dogs.  




          Hey everybody, my name is Melissa McMullen. I started working at Scruffy To Fluffy as the bather/brusher in March of 2016. I also received my Bather Certification. I worked at an animal hospital in the grooming department for 2 years. In high school I took Animal/Agricultural science for four years as a career pathway and graduated with a veterinarian assistant certificate. At Scruffy to Fluffy I am excited to learn more things such as feet trims, scissor trims and shave downs. I have always enjoyed grooming and am very confident in what I do. I look forward to meeting all or your precious fur babies! 




     Hi I am Edna everybody calls me Grammy. I am Virginia and Alicia's Grandmother. I have been helping at Scruffy to Fluffy for 8 yrs now. I help blow dry dogs, keep up on the never ending laundry and cleaning that needs to be done. I enjoy seeing the variety of pets and completely enjoy being around people. on my spare time you will see me with my "Little Trisha" on the table or in my lap while i am crocheting. At times she gets a little jealous because I can't keep my hands off all the cute fuzzy puppies running around.



     My name is Jennifer (Jenn).  I have been working at Scruffy to Fluffy since August 2014.  Before coming here, I was a Vet Tech and a boarding manager at a Vetinary Hospital.  Prior to that I was a pet sitter, dog trainer, nutritional counselor, and grooming assistant at a multi-service pet company.  Assisting the grooming process is something I truly enjoy.  The experience I have gained over the years in the pet industry allows me to provide your pets with the quality care and attention they deserve.


Brett - TLC Caregiver

     He gives love and attention to the pets that need it.  When he's not petting a dog, he's helping the staff at Scruffy to Fluffy with different tasks.  He keeps the treats full for cats and dogs, the laundry kept up, and the floors clean for all our furry friends.  



 Important Notices, please read:

Prices are subject to change depending on the dogs or cats temperament, condition of the coat and possible fleas
If your pet has fleas there will be an automatic flea bath and/or full treatment
Grooming Sessions are performed by appointment only
If you are an hour late to your appointment without notice we can and will book your slot
There will be an additional charge for multiple no shows without notice
Pet Groomings are done in the order you book the appointment, this makes it fair for everyone
All Cats must be in a carrier due to the safety of the owners, staff, and the cat
Please tell us in advance if your pet needs to be done by a certain time, to be sure he/she is ready for you by then
All dogs must be walked in on a leash


Hours of Operation

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, 7:30 - 5:00
Wed 7:30 - 6:00    Sat 7:30 - 4:00

All Pets must be UTD on all Vaccines

Please be ready to provide shot record
prior to appt time